DV443 | ELBA BM 11 BW 13
CaracteristicasSide seal bag making machine
Características técnicasUseful width 1300 mm
Max. number of bags per stack 100 *
Machine can run with LDPE – HDPE
Max. mechanical speed 350 cycles/min
Max. working speed 300 cycles /min *
Max. film speed 165 m/min

Bag width: from 150 to 320 mm
Bag length: from 250 to 1200 mm
Side gusset depth: from 20 to 70 mm

1 automatic unwind stand
1 edge guiding system
Continuous Slit-Sealer Group
Automatic High-Speed Bag Making Machine
Double seal” Sealing Bar (Mixed Seal
Bag Collection and Stacking Module
Automatic Punching Unit and Stacks Conveyor
Long Delivery Table mm
Comprimento total2.00m
Largura total3.00m
Altura total3.00m
The new BM11BW automatic bag making machine, is dedicated to the production of a wide range of bottom sealed bags with easy and short change over.
ELBA BM 11 BW 13 - DV443