CaracteristicasPouch and doypack bag making machines
Características técnicasMax. sealing width : 920 mm 
Min./Max. bag width : 50 / 1200 mm
Min./Max. bag length : 50 / 900 mm
Number of Lanes : Max. 8
Materials : PA, PET, AL compount with PE or PP
Max. 250 my per layer
Max. number of bags (bags/min) : 150 bags/minute
Unwind type : Shaftless
Max. unwind width : 1200 mm
Max. unwind reel diameter : 800 mm
Comprimento total0.00m
Largura total0.00m
Altura total0.00m

The Ritebag is designed to be the most versatile machine on the market and it is developed, with standard equipment, for making rapidly (all-in-one) a wide range of pouch shapes. The Ritebag has up to five reel receptions and can synchronize up to four different printed reels. Stand-up pouches with bottom folded can be produced simultaneously in two independently controlled tracks (duplex), even with zipper.
The Ritebag can utilize all mono or coextruded films on PE or PP sealing basis, both printed and neutral, always at highest manufacturing standards and maximum seal resistance. Seals can be made in successive phases, gradually reaching sealing temperature (the heat of the various sealing bars can be controlled independently), avoiding both the consequences of useless thermal stress being applied to the sealing film and energy wastage.

Type of bag :
2 – 3 side seal pouches with or without  Zip
Doypack with or without zipper 
Side gusset pouches