FL526 | COMEXI FI 2510 CNC - 10 colors
Drive systemGearless
Web width500 - 1270 mm
Print width450 - 1220 mm
Repeat length380 - 850 mm
Plate thickness1.14mm
Mechanical speed600 m/mn
Materials to be printedPapier / LDPE / HDPE / PP / OPP / BOPP / PET /
Strip tension <= -1 daN
Unwinder typeNon-stop
Unwinder loadingReel ground loading
Unwinder reel max diameter1000 mm
Core diameter2x∅76mm
Printing group
Printing typeCI cylinder
Idle rotationElectric
Printing group positionningElectric
Side positionningElectric
Anilox rollerSleeve side loading
Printing cylinderSleeve with side loading
Drying systemThermal oil
Between color drying
Rewinder typeNon-stop
Rewinder unloadingReel ground loading
Core diameter2x∅76mm
Additional equipment
Web guide infeedFIFE
Web guide outfeedFIFE
Corona treatmentSHERMAN
10 ink pumps - Pneumatic
Automatic washing system
10 viscosity controllers - FASNACHT
1 camera - AVT
Overall length19.00m
Overall width7.00m
Overall height5.00m
Plate cylinders, anilox - gears
List of printing sleeves and air mandrels
Around 450 SLEEVES, list on demand
List of anilox or anilox mandrels
Around 35 Anilox, list on demand
COMEXI FI 2510 CNC - FL526