FL597 | COMEXI FS 1500 - 6 colors
Drive systemGeared press, pitch 10mm
Web width500 - 1070 mm
Print width480 - 1020 mm
Repeat length300 - 900 mm
Plate thickness1.14mm - 2.54mm
Mechanical speed250 m/mn
Printing speed200 m/mn
Materials to be printedPapier / PE / LDPE / PP / OPP / BOPP / PET /
Strip tension <= -1 daN
Unwinder typeDouble
Unwinder loadingElectric chain hoist
Unwinder reel max diameter800 mm
Core diameter2x∅76mm - 2x∅152mm
Printing group
Printing typeCI cylinder
Idle rotationHydraulic
Printing group positionningElectric
Side positionningManual
Anilox rollerShafted
Printing cylinderSleeve with side loading
Drying systemElectric
Between color drying
Rewinder typeDouble
Rewinder unloadingElectric chain hoist
Core diameter2x∅76mm - 2x∅152mm
Additional equipment
Web guide infeedFIFE
Web guide outfeedFIFE
6 ink pumps - Pneumatic
Overall length0.00m
Overall width0.00m
Overall height0.00m
Plate cylinders, anilox - gears
List of printing sleeves and air mandrels
Around 276 SLEEVE, List on demand
List of anilox or anilox mandrels
12 Anilox cylinder, list on demand
COMEXI FS 1500 - FL597